Vallfosca Hotel Complex and Ski Resort Vallfosca (Lleida)

Naturally adapting to its setting

Vallfosca ski resort is located in the heart of the Lleida Pyrenees.

The project involves developing the hotel complex and ski resort to instil life into the area.

A layout of hotel buildings is therefore proposed that creates non-orthogonal forms for improved scenic harmony, leading a variety of welcoming pedestrian routes: squares, narrow streets, terraces and also other nooks and crannies to be setting of this genuine civic life.

The proposed façade coverings are clearly in harmony with the mountains (natural stone, wood, exposed concrete), breaking at all times the monotony and repetition of elements.

Two exceptional forms in terms of their distinctive treatment and formal configuration: the chairlift building and spa/sports centre. Special attention has been paid to their volumetry and visual permeability, with their cladding made of noble, slow-aging material such as copper or zinc.

The large covered underground car park means that vehicles disappear from the beautiful views of the surroundings. It also acts as the supporting platform for a basement earmarked for all the complex’s additional services. Perimeter fissures have been created in the basements to provide them with natural lighting and ventilation.

A project to generate life that respectfully adapts to a delightful natural setting.

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  • LocationVallfosca (Lleida)
  • Year2007
  • Surface106.390 m2
  • PromoterVallfosca Interllacs, S.A.