Bacatá Tower Bogotá

A living, life-giving organism

We are in the city centre of Bogotá, between Calles 19 and 20 and Carrera 5, very close to the historic centre and area of universities, ministries, commercial activity, as well as tourist and cultural points of interest, among others. Despite all this, it is an area with several drawbacks, such as mobility, a lack of services and insecurity, among others.

Bacatá Tower was designed from the outset as an urban intervention that would attempt to stimulate and revitalise the area, offering a diversity of uses in a single building, in other words, a multipurpose building.

The complex has been conceived as a living organism. On the one hand, it is a sustainable building that requires no external resources, thereby guaranteeing its own longevity, while on the other hand, the complex is a hybrid project of coexisting functions in the building. The strength of this mix acts to attract life to the area, activating the urban network and helping to improve its surroundings by operating as a force on the elements and activities around it.

In line with the concept of a living organism, the building is characterised by its tiered nature, thereby allowing the presence of green terraces designed according to criteria of sustainability and maintenance, helping to provide ventilation and lighting, for example, and housing common areas and leisure spaces.

This tiered, vertical structure crowns the building’s two towers, with the south tower rising to a height of 216 metres plus a 24-metre antenna on the top, giving it a total height of 240 metres. This makes it one of the tallest buildings in Latin America.

The building’s cladding is made up of two elements, exposed concrete and glass enclosures with a modular stick curtain wall system, with glazing that ensures comfort and safety in the building.

Ceramic paint on the surface of the glass has been used to outline a white pattern of varying intensity depending on its orientation: a vaguely nebulous presence, a visual effect that makes the building fade in its verticality, blurring its volume with the colour of the sky. An atmospheric halo: a living, life-giving organism.


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  • LocationBogotá
  • Year2010
  • Surface112.846,99 m2
  • PromoterBD Promotores Colombia
  • EngineeringPyD, Estructuras (structure) / PyD, Estructuras, HVAC, Inst. Mecánicas, Ciudad Sistema, Inst. Eléctricas, USB, Ing, Inst.Telecomunicaciones, PLINCO, Inst. Hidrosanitarias and SURIS, SL (installations)
  • RendersTRA Digital