Balthus fitness centre Vitacura, Santiago de Chile

Underground fitness centre

Located on the banks of the Mapocho River as it passes through Vitacura, the Balthus fitness centre opened its doors in 2002 as the first project designed by ABAA Arquitectura in Santiago de Chile. The project is structured primarily underground, a challenge that had already been successfully explored in Barcelona with the Európolis Sardenya and Les Corts gyms.

A large circular concrete volume ringed by a mirror of water indicates the entrance. This flows inside it in the form of a roundabout to create interesting visuals towards the main water area, where the swimming pool and aquatic activities are located, designed at a triple height and lit from above.

The fitness area enjoys natural lighting entering through three large triangular skylights rising up from the ground, also enhancing the view of the nearby Cerro Manquehue. An outdoor semi-sunken area sheltered from the street provides a new space for relaxation where the terrace and solarium are located.

The Balthus fitness centre is undoubtedly an emblematic building both for our studio, as the first project developed in Chile, and for its residents and users.


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  • LocationVitacura, Santiago de Chile
  • Year2002
  • Surface4.200 m2
  • PromoterJorge y Juan Pablo Lería
  • In collaboration withArchiplan Arquitectos
  • CertificationsWorld's Best Wellness Centre 2002
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