Sardana Badalona (Barcelona)

Adapting and evolving

Adapting to the context as a mantra. As in this project: a housing complex located on a plot between party walls on a narrow, steeply sloping street in the city of Badalona.

These constraints laid the foundations for the design and initial fit of the building: locating the entrance to the car park at the lowest level to make the most of the space below ground level and thereby free up the ground floor as much as possible. This is where three of the ten homes that make up this housing community will be located.

There are two further floors above the ground floor: the first with four flats and the second with three, all with interior access to private terraces located on the rooftop.

The approach to the façade is based on simplicity and continuity, contrasting with the fronts of the adjoining buildings, which do not respond to alignments or homogeneous rhythms.

And three different elements from the façade: those creating pedestrian and road accesses, another providing ventilation and privacy in the ground floor home, and a two-storey volume overhanging along the road.

The three shaped with white lacquered vertical metal profiles to give slenderness and lightening the solidity of the composition, as well as providing privacy to the interior spaces. The lattice system of the overhanging volume also allows the balconies to be opened or closed as desired by the owners throughout the day.

The final result is an ensemble that acquires its own personality from these constraints and fits in with its surroundings in a restrained manner.

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  • LocationBadalona (Barcelona)
  • Year2019-2021
  • Surface917 m2 above ground / 390 m2 below ground
  • PromoterAlcaraz Corp, SL
  • EngineeringSociprofat (structure) / Jaume Porta (installations)
  • RendersAlga Studio