Private Spa Wellness and Gym Middle East

Wellness centre

Wellness is a state in which physical and mental conditions provide a feeling of satisfaction and tranquillity. A feeling that is universally desired and that, on this occasion, leads us to the Middle East.

The result of a private competition, this project consists of organising an exclusive public use programme for the client, organising all the water zones and interior design of the spaces in a building that houses a gymnasium, spa with saunas and water zone, swimming pool, changing and meeting rooms.

Organising the programme therefore consists of arranging the smaller spaces according to use and level of privacy, functioning as capsules attached to the two large spaces of the swimming pool and the gymnasium.

Natural light is strictly controlled because of the extreme climate in the area where the building is located, thereby helping to create dramatic lighting effects to transmit a variety of sensations in each space.

The common denominator is the use of natural stone in flooring, cladding, furniture and interior of the swimming pools, which achieve sober, minimalist atmospheres alongside dark platinum elements.

The ceilings and openings between rooms follow the sinuous, organic shapes of the building’s exterior, thereby making each element of the project practically unique.

The final result is a project with a striking identity, a strong personality and elegant, special finishes.

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  • LocationMiddle East
  • Year2018
  • RendersTra Infografía
  • In collaboration withArtec (Lighting Designer)