Private House in Middle East Oriente Medio

A silent companion

This private house located in the Middle East is the centrepiece of a building complex where family members establish their permanent residence. A building of organic forms in stone tones containing spaces that vary greatly in use, shape, size and level of privacy.

It is an interior design project whose scope of intervention involves the main entrance, a large hall for receiving visitors, the spaces for common family use and the private wing.

The basic idea is to unify an eclectic series of spaces with a common thread by using three resources: noble materials in light and warm tones as flooring; textile, wood or glass panelling as cladding, and indirect lighting on vaulted ceilings.

Its interior lighting initially becomes a silent companion as one walks through the house, given that its strategic integration and use introduces small changes to give each space an independent character.

Nonetheless, this silent companion never loses its focus on a design line that both respects Arab culture and is at the same time minimalist.

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  • RendersAlga Estudio
  • In collaboration withLDLuz (Lighting Design)