Prat Vermell office block Barcelona

A versatile building

An office block that seeks functional versatility and to be attractive as a benchmark in the area, with moderate construction costs and minimum maintenance, in which environmental criteria are applied in terms of energy savings and well-being for workers in the building.

Spatially flexible offices where interior spaces have been designed that are versatile enough to organise anything from a co-working space to a traditional office. For this reason, and among other aspects, the vertical and horizontal circulation cores have been concentrated in an organisational centre that does not fragment the workspace.

The building comprises an integrated core of services per floor: bathrooms and facilities, including evacuation stairs, lifts, etc., revolving around the office and circulation spaces as a succession of rings. Core – circulation – offices / social areas / terraces.

The social areas as an additional component to the building, for recreation, relaxation or commercial activity of the companies housed there, including waiting areas, a restaurant for employees that can be converted into an event space, terraces, etc.

In terms of the façade, a glazed module has been designed according to a modular assembly system and including an eave that provides shade to the workspaces. The façade complies with environmental regulations, gives the building personality and acts as a way to integrate it into its immediate urban setting.

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  • LocationBarcelona
  • Year2019 - 2020
  • Surface14,700 m2
  • PromoterAQ Acentor
  • EngineeringBIS (structure) / PGI (installations)
  • RendersAsarch