P9 Can Marquès Collective Housing Llinars del Vallès (Barcelona)

A complex integrated into its surroundings

The Can Marquès sector located in Llinars del Vallès has undergone a gradual urbanisation process in recent years that has included this residential complex.

The proposal involves providing a vision of an integrated, harmonious whole with its surroundings. A project was therefore developed in which quality spaces were designed as well as a friendly landscape environment tending towards a garden city.

The concept can be seen in all its elements.

For example, in the distribution of the volumes on the boundaries of the site that leaves an inner square at its centre, in the liberation of the northeast corner to provide continuity for the vegetation in the auditorium park. Or in the links by means of green walkways between the two blocks that make up each of the three neighbouring communities.

As well as in the gardens on the ground floors, the green communal courtyard overlooking several homes, or the large rooftop areas to be enjoyed by the duplex penthouses. In the courtyards ensuring ventilation and natural light to the continuous basement floor, and obviously in the central square with leisure and sports areas surrounded by vegetation.

The materials and qualities also seek to integrate with their surroundings: the façade is set to be finished in an external thermal insulation composite system in soft terracotta tones, and the ground floors with ceramic cladding in accordance with tones that blend in with the natural colours of the landscape.

Structural and installation criteria have of course been optimised according to the criteria of sustainability, energy savings and respect for the environment.

In short, a project based on integration with its surroundings to facilitate a pleasant, bright and green complex.

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  • LocationLlinars del Vallès (Barcelona)
  • Year2020
  • Surfaceabove ground construction 17.600 m2 / Cons. below ground construction 7.200 m2
  • PromoterInmoglaciar
  • EngineeringOther Structures (structure) / PGI Engineering (installations)
  • RendersColana