Mitre home Barcelona

An upgrade project

Ronda General Mitre, one of the main arteries in uptown Barcelona.

The project we are facing is to transform a conventional house from the 1950s into a spacious, flexible, comfortable and modern home.

The first action involves freeing up the floor plan of unnecessary partitions to create open, diaphanous spaces, especially adapted to various uses. The plaster mouldings on the ceiling, a testimony to the house’s past, have been used to create specific spaces to accommodate furniture.

To conceal the spaces requiring privacy, enclosures have been created around them clad in wooden slats, but without ever reaching the ceiling in order to maximise the visual impact of the floor plan.

External joinery has been designed so that there are no dividing mullions, all of which are single-leaf, tilting, pivoting or sliding, the latter being concealed in the home’s interior partition walls. It is fully concealed once the window is open.

To access the bedroom suite on the upper floor, the staircase, made of optical glass, has a similar open-plan design as the rest of the home. There are no divisions in the suite, given that it is a single space from which the terrace overlooking Tibidabo can be seen.

Views of Barcelona’s highest peak, views of the present day and a discreet glimpse into the past.


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  • LocationBarcelona
  • Year2010-2013
  • Surface242,1 m2
  • PromoterAntonio Alcaraz
  • EngineeringNolac (structure) / JSS (installations)