Hotel Bacatá Bogotá (Colombia)

A three-pronged proposal

The interior design project developed for Bacatá Tower in Bogotá has a three-pronged approach: luxury hotel, long-stay hotel and the building’s common areas.

The luxury hotel has been conceived as a clean, elegant environment that is capable of adapting to the various needs found within the context of the building. Grey textured natural stone has therefore been chosen as the project’s characteristic driving element, present in all the rooms and combined with other materials in order to adapt to the purpose of each space.

The entrance to the hotel is via a pre-lobby area that is part of the entire building, in which the same Lennon granite has been used to mark the rest of the spaces of the same floor category, thereby maintaining consistency between them. The idea is to highlight this natural stone and introduce what will be the connecting element of the remainder of the project: textured natural stone.

With the aim of achieving a neutral atmosphere that accentuates the presence of these materials, the design of this space has been complemented with various types of natural grey and brushed black steel, and the ceiling has been darkened to emphasise the lighting at the counter.

In line with the general thrust of the project, a restrained interior design has been used in the hotel’s corridors incorporating several materials that had already been acquired previously in order to economise the proposal. The block of lifts transfers the idea of screen-printed natural stone to the entire project and provides the corridor on each floor with a different character. The dark bronze brushed steel connects the entire proposal, providing a sense of solidity to the walls that enclose the corridors. Perforations illuminated from the inside indicating the room and floor numbers guide visitors through these corridors.

A fresher, more youthful tone has been proposed for the long-stay hotel, combining the terracotta atmosphere of Bogotá with the country’s metallurgical field. A terracotta-coloured metallic sheet therefore runs through the hotel and is softened in the more intimate spaces, fusing it with soft colours and brushed grey steel. The proposed materials facilitate the prefabrication of some of these spaces in the workshop, thereby ensuring greater durability and high quality control.

In short, a proposal with an interconnected, three-pronged approach that provides the spaces with their own personality and consistency to the whole.

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  • LocationBogotá (Colombia)
  • Year2010
  • Surface112.846,99 m2
  • PromoterBD Promotores Colombia
  • EngineeringPyD, structures; HVAC, mechanical installations; Ciudad Sistema, electrical installations; USB Ingeniería, telecommunication installations, and PLINCO, hydro-sanitary installations