FC Barcelona Gymnasium and Changing Rooms Barcelona

Camp Nou: FC Barcelona’s stadium. We took on the project to restructure the gymnasium and changing rooms of the first team with the aim of creating a modern, comfortable space that is fully adapted to the needs of an elite team. And all this executed in the fastest possible manner.

It is a space that needed to be updated and humanised in order to improve the working conditions of top-level athletes and, in the case of the gymnasium, as a tool to improve living conditions for physical and mental performance.

The intervention begins with the installation of acoustic panels on the walls, including glass enclosures and an indirect lighting system designed to bring life to an open-plan space, fitted with new air conditioning equipment and ventilation systems, parquet flooring, mirrors, plasma panels and state-of-the-art training and fitness machines.

With a total surface area of 850 m2, the new changing rooms have been divided into four areas: players’ room; water area with swimming pool, two hot tubs, sauna, steam bath, cold water bath and relaxation area; medical area with massage room, physiotherapy room, two offices and supply storeroom; and technical area with three offices, meeting room and dressing room.

The corporate colours fill the spaces to create an area that conveys the concept that Barça is “more than a club”.

The final result is a new area whose transparency and vitality have been praised by a team that enjoys the space more than 500 hours per year.

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  • LocationBarcelona
  • Year2006
  • Surface1.000 m2
  • PromoterFC Barcelona