Castril Granada

Old oil mill, new home

Castril, Granada. A village of major cultural interest close to the natural park of Cazorla. Our project involves refurbishing an old oil mill in its centre to convert it into a home.
The village of Castril is protected as a historical heritage site, so we have taken great care to integrate the house into the views of the village, respecting the existing construction as much as possible and adapting the materials, hues and vegetation.

The aim is to achieve integration in a consolidated urban environment with a strong environmental character. The existing volumetry and exterior elements identifying it, such as walls forming courtyards or pergolas with their vines, have therefore been strictly preserved. And we have taken advantage of the positioning of openings by slightly modifying them to create an exterior harmony and improved interior function.
With the aim of being completely environmentally friendly, the exterior paving has been adapted to the existing trees and water routes have also been restored of the irrigation channel that had been channelled.

The house is distributed horizontally according to its uses. The day areas are on the ground floor and the night areas are located on the first and second floors. Its public and more private spaces enjoy exceptional views of a chapel. The volume that used to be the old oil mill, with its sloping wooden roof, will become the living room. The communications core is located in the central part of the house, organising the flow and creating a dual space with intersecting sightlines. The bedrooms and bathrooms are located on the upper floors. The refurbishment will maintain the typical look of the village, with its white walls and sloping tile roofs. What was formerly the exchange warehouse will become a guest pavilion and will have a water roof to create an interplay of water sheets with a swimming pool that we have positioned at the level of the first strip so as not to modify the ground levels. The water features and typical Andalusian courtyard paths surround all the outdoor spaces.

The look of the remaining land maintains its existing olive trees, a precious natural link with the past.


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  • LocationGranada
  • Year2008-2011
  • Surface591,02 m2 house and 2929 m2 plot
  • PromoterAntonio Alcaraz
  • EngineeringNolac (structure) / JSS (installations)