Can Peitx Tiana (Barcelona)

Views, light and comfort

A stone wall from the former Can Peitx farmhouse welcomes visitors and acts as a filter between Avinguda Lluís Companys and the plot.

On arriving at the house, its vertebral axis is the dual space of its centrally located entrance hall. This space connects the house transversally and vertically. It is a space of communication, movement and life, and it generates a variety of visual interplay between the various rooms that converge within it: between the courtyard and living room, between the living room and bedrooms, or between the bedrooms and walkway.

The house’s daytime spaces face the sea, unlike the spaces of the five bedrooms, which enjoy indirect light from the north. The kitchen and living room are connected through a large divisible opening. The bedrooms are distributed according to current needs and will be drywall construction to facilitate possible future redistribution.

The main elements in the garden are the swimming pool and wooden paved terraces. The infinity pool is located on the slope to make the most of it and the sea views.
The final result of the design is an orderly, open plan and highly luminous volume in which all the rooms can make the most of the site’s advantages in terms of views, sun and comfort.

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  • LocationTiana (Barcelona)
  • Year2017-2020
  • Surface800 m2
  • PromoterJM
  • EngineeringNolac (structure) / JG (installations)
  • RendersColana