Bruc 72-74 office block Barcelona

Innovative Eixample

We are in an original building from 1975 located in the heart of Barcelona’s Eixample district. It has two façades, one directly facing Bruc and the other facing the block’s inner courtyard, with a large interior terrace.

The three floors below ground level are primarily used for parking vehicles, including electric parking spaces, bicycle and motorbike parking spaces.
The ground floor is slightly raised above street level, providing the users of this floor with a dominant position.

A central vertical communication hub of three lifts and staircase links all the building’s floors. The entrances to the offices are arranged around the entrance hall on each floor, thereby allowing various functional layouts. The division of each floor can be made with a larger surface area office facing the main façade or the block’s inner courtyard. All this to provide maximum flexibility to the spaces.

The original ceilings in the offices are made of metal beams with terracotta vaulting coated with lime mortar and the glazed metal partitions have horizontal panels.

The communal areas are finished meticulously in detail, such as wooden slatted cladding, large-format porcelain tiles, steel plate finishings and warm indirect lighting.

The main façade comprises a curtain wall that allows natural light to enter the entire floor. The absence of opaque interior partitions ensures uniform distribution of light throughout the entire space. The interior façade with large windows also enhances this supply of natural light. The main façade’s curtain wall is printed with white vertical stripes that allows a certain degree of privacy with respect to the exterior and helps to control the sunlight in the office area. A new external skin that respects the original façade’s geometry and maximises the use of natural light.

The building has a state-of-the-art virus and bacteria elimination system and is also contactless, in which most of the elements work automatically, such as doors, taps, dispensers, lifts, lights and many others.

A building where innovation coexists with respect for the original.

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  • LocationBarcelona
  • Year2019-2021
  • Surface2.625,27 m2below ground and 5.152,55 m2
  • PromoterValquimir Business S.L.
  • EngineeringOther Structures (structure) / AB2 - PGI (installations)
  • RendersAlga Estudio
  • In collaboration withAndres Campos ACV
  • CertificationsLEED Gold, WELL Gold