Arsenal Pomaret Barcelona

More spaces, more connected

This project involves the Club Esportiu Arsenal extension, in calle Pomaret. The idea is to enlarge its existing sports halls and changing rooms, incorporate a new volume and connect the spaces with each other while maintaining their use.

The building comprises three above-ground floors and one below-ground floor.

The changing room area on the ground floor has been enlarged by connecting the new space with the existing changing rooms. Spaces for sports use on the first and second floors have been enlarged by connecting them with existing ones. The roof of the new building is non-trafficable and is positioned at the same level as the existing roof, although without any connection between them.

Vegetation has been used in the outdoor area of the extension and all the accessible spaces have been connected to provide exits to all the outdoor spaces.

An underground floor was created for the installations of the new extension area, and these will provide greater energy efficiency for the rest of the building.

The building’s façade has been given a curtain wall without external mullions to reveal the volume of the enlarged area from outside and allow the views of Barcelona to be appreciated from any of the fully glazed façades. All this leads to a feeling of spaciousness inside, yet only the sports halls and changing rooms are visible from the outside.

The existing building and extension are directly connected and the entire space has been opened up by annexing the new extension, so that the sensation on the ground floor is of a single large hall with a façade on all four sides.

A project involving the extension of spaces and connecting them to existing ones.

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  • LocationBarcelona
  • Year2016-2018
  • Surface409,05 m2
  • PromoterArsenal Masculino, S.L.U.
  • EngineeringNolac (structure) / PGI (installations)