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Feel the seascape

This project arose in response to the requirements requested by Arqura Homes FAB and the aim of developing a complex that will become iconic for the city of Málaga.

The idea presented is conceptually based on the verses of the poem “Paseo Marítimo, Málaga” by Jorge Guillén. They talk about “The light – between sky and sea – filtering through the shutter” or the “Blue sea, there ahead”. Its aim is to convey the sensations described by this poet. It will therefore make the most of the available height between the sky and the earth to unfold towards the light of the sea, the sea breeze, the Mediterranean climate and nature.

Its key values are people-centred innovation, flexibility in uses over time, representativeness and openness as a response to site conditions and low energy demand.

It intertwines commercial, hotel, residential, office and cultural uses and will be made up of a continuous façade in the form of a plinth to shape the urban fabric, reaching out towards the new road.

The volume’s interior comprises several courtyards that have been arranged to bring natural light into all the spaces, in addition to natural ventilation. A large terrace with a view of the city emerges on the rooftop, where pergolas, canopies and landscaping will provide environmental control of the area, thereby contributing to the proposal’s sustainability.

A unique tall building will be located on the aforementioned plinth, forming a lantern and lighthouse over the city of Málaga and the sea, drawing us nearer to the sensations of Jorge Guillén’s poem. This residential block unfolds towards the views of the city of Málaga, the sea and the mountains.

The aesthetics of the entire complex will be dominated by light colours that blend and integrate into the city of Málaga, its light and its sea, with a special focus on vegetation in order to create a large vertical garden for the city, leading to a highly sustainable building.

Emphasis in the proposal has been placed on observing sustainable design and construction guidelines, as part of the 2030 Agenda and the minimisation of waste and carbon footprint.

An architectural project proposal to convert a residential building into a benchmark of integrated architecture in the city of Málaga.

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  • LocationMálaga
  • Year2022
  • Surface88,273 m2
  • PromoterAELCA
  • EngineeringBAC/EVERIS
  • RendersColana
Architectural Competition - Málaga Spain - Hotel in Paseo Marítimo
Architectural Competition. Project in Malaga - Spain Terrenos Repsol
Architecture Competition Malaga Spain
Architecture Project Malaga Spain Paseo Marítimo
Málaga Spain - Hotel in Paseo Marítimo Terrenos repsol