IF ZOCO Santiago de Chlie. Coworking. Proyecto de ABAA Arquitectos

IF Zoco Lo Barnechea, Santiago de Chile

Maximum flexibility

The development of the IF Zoco offices is part of the combined-use Zoco La Dehesa project located in the Lo Barnechea district. The IF Zoco offices have been designed to establish a new co-working space for entrepreneurship, innovation and new ways of doing business in a setting where spaces for residence, work and leisure coexist.

The project comprises 3 levels of offices in which the premises of spatial flexibility converge to adapt to a variety of needs, an open space concept that makes the most of collaborative spaces and is committed to minimalist industrial design.

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  • LocationLo Barnechea, Santiago de Chile
  • Year2022
  • Surface2.800 m2
  • Promoter21 Inmobiliaria + IF Chile
  • EngineeringConstruction company: Alto Diseño
  • RendersIdea Arquitectura
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Zoco La Dehesa Coworking
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