Interior Design Hotel - The Hoxton Open House. Glories Barcelona

The Hoxton Barcelona

A home away from home

Located in Barcelona’s Plaça de les Glòries, one of the nerve centres of the city and a hub of creativity, we find ourselves in a building where The Hoxton has set up its first location in Spain.

The Hoxton chain defines itself thus: a series of open-house hotels inspired by the diversity and originality of the streets and scenes that surrounds us. Based on this approach, work has been carried out to refurbish the building according to the concept of the hotel it houses, conserving the characteristic structure and modular outer skin with a number of projecting cubes and large canopies. In other words, based on a dialogue with the neighbourhood and Mediterranean spirit. This concept can be seen in all the areas intervened with the utmost sensitivity, using materials typical of the area, such as ceramics, textiles, hydraulic flagstones or tiles.

The intervention has involved rearranging the communal spaces on the ground floor, basement and rooftop, as well as the nine floors of rooms.

The hotel’s various outdoor spaces and permeable connection of the ground floor with its surroundings aim to offer guests a feeling of connection with the neighbourhood in order to become one of Barcelona’s favourite places.

Access to the hotel is through an original lobby with a large New York-style bar as its central element. From here you can access, on one side, the reception, a kiosk with designer magazines, a shop selling local brands and The Apartment, a unique space with three bright, spacious meeting rooms and communal kitchen. In the opposite direction are the restaurant, pizzeria by the slice and wine cellar that recalls an old Barcelona grocer’s shop.

The building’s rooftop is home to one of the best terraces in the city with panoramic views. Its swimming pool, bar and varied choice of food are the main attractions for both occasional guests and the local public.

All the hotel’s spaces have been designed to be vibrant, welcoming and comfortable. Like a home away from home.

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  • LocationBarcelona
  • Year2022
  • Surface10.400 m2
  • PromoterMiddlebury Invest S.L.U.
  • EngineeringBIS Structures (structure) / JG Ingenieros (installations)
  • RendersABAA Arquitectura / Alga Studio
Interior Design for Hoxton Hotel in Barcelona. ABAA Architects
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